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  1. Walter Jeffries

    I am glad to see you addressing this. We raise pastured pigs. Each week we must drive seven hours to get our pigs to the butcher so we can get our pork to our customer’s fork. With butchers closing left and right as well as such long distances to drive our solution is we’re building our own on-farm nano-scale slaughterhouse and butcher shop. Check out:


    for details and read about how we’re supporting this through CSA Pre-Buys:


    We’re two years into the process of building and I’ve been writing about it on my blog so that other farmers can do the same thing either individually or as groups. Small is an alternative solution that works.

    -Walter Jeffries
    Sugar Mountain Farm
    in Vermont

    1. Eating for Beginners

      Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad to know about your CSA and slaughterhouse/butcher shop project. I’ll definitely pass the word on. Your blog is great, too!

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